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14 days to go

Sigh, the world just ended and though I enjoyed the farewell party standing at the gates of Stormwind I felt my heart slump some when it all ended. I thoroughly have enjoyed each stress test since May and appreciated Blizzard giving us this long weekend to wet our appetites even more for the Classic WoW launch. I can't wait!

From these tests and being in the world like this I realize what I love most about going back in time is how much slower the game is, how wonderful it is to need professions again as for me it's relaxing to focus on them when I don't feel like leveling. How awesome it is to really drink up the world because you have to hoof it on foot everywhere. How glorious it is when you get a gray and it's an upgrade! And mostly, how much more social the game is in people wanting to help and jumping in to help. Plus I must say, ouch, all the deaths while questing haha!

I can't wait to give it a go at reserving my three names today and for the launch! And also creating our guild, I have a name for the guild in mind and can't wait for launch to make 10 silver so I can register it and hope no one beats me to it lol.

Just thinking about a warm guild like the old days, a happy place, a wonderful place to login and see Azeroth friends really warms my heart up with fuzzy feelings.


... 14 days and counting

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